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Guidelines On Screen Time




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Up to 2 years

No screen time

Children require face to face contact with their mother especially eye contact and this is also important for brain development

Two years to 5 years

Up to 1 hour

Supervised by a parent with high quality programs

6 years and over

A priority guide is homework, one hour physical activity, some social interaction, one hour of screen time, no closer than 60 minutes before bedtime.


The parent becomes the mentor on screen time

Older children

Obey the 20/20 rule. Every 20 minutes look into the distance or horizon to relax the eyes for 20 seconds.

Combine with plenty of physical outdoor activity. To help with sleep patterns- avoid the tablet and phone 1 hour before bed time


About the Author

Louella Varney is qualified with the following: BAppSc(Opt)Hons, MOpt, FACBO and Cert Oc Ther. She has been practising for 30 years but more recently focused on helping children with vision and learning issues for children. She is the founder of Vision Potential and the creator of the Ultimate Potential Blueprint.                                        

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